“It’s Not Just About Ideas, It’s about Making Ideas Happen”

360 Connexion has developed a business process which ensures we obtain the knowledge needed to customize a strategy that uses the right combination of solutions to strengthen your sales pipeline and deliver a higher ROI.

We partner with your company to develop strategic solutions that focus on simplicity, practicality, and impact.  Our philosophy is to create value for our clients through dedication, hard work, and integrity.

360 Connexion works with you to build and fulfill the needs of your campaign, we establish clear goals and use the following steps to gain comprehensive knowledge of your company model, products, and services:


Research and  Knowledge: Our Team will consult with you to understand scope and obtain knowledge for your project.

  • Identify and define objectives, goals, and expectations
  • Outline targeted call list and define “valid appointment”
  • Collaborate on “key words” for search engines.  


Strategic Implementation: Our Team will take the information captured and begin implementation of your campaign.

  • Review current operation & tailor call campaign and digital marketing strategy.
  • Compose scripts & email messages that resonate with your target list
  • Train agent(s) on products, services, & expectation.
Inbound and Outbound Marketing


Deployment: Email campaign is sent and/or assigned agent  will actively call & qualify your leads, nurture prospects & update database. 

  • Campaign begins, initial pass of call list with subsequent passes to follow
  • Nurture database, & update key fields
  • Make campaign adjustments based on initial results
  • Track success of “keywords”.
  • Update social media accounts.


Measure Success: Weekly overview of campaign results. Evaluate campaign analytical reports and determine long term plans.

  • Monitor & review campaign and digital marketing  analytical reports
  • Weekly meeting to discuss results
  • Prepare for next campaign, make changes based on prior results
  • Make adjustments to “keywords”.


We work closely with our clients to customize the solutions we provide based on their specific needs and circumstances. Contact us today to speak with our team of experienced professionals to see how we can be your solution.


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